Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

I can’t say sorry enough.

Anonymous said: I know a random anon probably won't make a difference, but you are beautiful and shouldn't feel the need to change. I'm sorry you do, but stay strong and stay beautiful <3

I don’t understand how you can say any of that. I do need to change. I’m absolutely repulsing. I’m not happy. I’m really not happy. I honestly wish I succeeded last year and didn’t just get sectioned.

I’m so fucking sick of this. All I want to do is lose weight and stop being this fat creature that I am. I feel disgusting and I can’t get it to budge. I’m actually just so fed up with everything right now. I’m finding it so fucking difficult to not relapse. But it’s all that’s on my mind.

I wish I could look nice and thin and tall but instead I’m stuck as this short, chubby thing. I don’t even have a decent personality, I’m literally shit in every aspect.

She laughed and danced with the thought of death in her heart.

I honestly wish I had the energy and time to do things. I miss hanging out with friends so much.

I desperately need to lose weight. But I’m just so incapable of it. I’m so unhealthy, too. I want to eat healthier but it just doesn’t happen. I feel like I’ve put on so much weight, too.

12 hours ago
Luna Amatores pendants! We mostly sell locally. We&#8217;re hoping to sell more online though, so if you&#8217;re looking for high quality, hand made gemstone jewellery, you should definitely check out our range! 
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4 days ago

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jack-daniels-doll said: ohhh so beautiful <3

We do try! Keep an eye out for when these are up for sale! It’s 15% off with the code on Facebook until the 7th September!

4 days ago
Sneak preview!!!!!

6 days ago
To use at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LunaAmatores

I am desperately looking forward to tomorrow! <3

[Half Price Gemstone Jewellery]

As store has reopened, jewellery is half price for a few days! :)

So hopefully I’ll spend the day redecorating my room! Got to give the walls a last clean, fill in the holes from the shelves, paint the walls and then put my bed and stuff back in! I’ll most likely put my bed back in at the weekend though